Rules to improve your dancing pleasure

 1. You can't think and dance at the same time  (

2. Your weight needs to be on one foot at a time.

3. The person going down line of dance leads.

4. You dance best to good music.

5. When in closed position your head looks left.

6. You can't dance your best in "bad" shoes.

7. When your heel hits the floor you stop turning.

8. You need to follow your partner, especially when he is messing up.

9. Never look at the floor, you might see your feet.

10. The man's chest dances, the feet simply follow along.

11. Strive to make your partner look good.

12. Smiling while dancing isn't frowned on.

13. A bad dancer can often 'dance' many steps poorly.

14. A good dancer does the 'basics' with ease and grace.