We are Debbie McClain and Mike McDonald

Our hobby is dancing and teaching others to do so also.

We have been dancing together since December 2000; doing ballroom, Argentine tango, rounds, squares, and lines.  We have each been dancing for over twenty years before meeting at a square dance in Toccoa, GA.

Debbie McClain began clogging before she reached her teen years and has participated in numerous clogging exhibitions throughout Georgia.  As a young adult she also began to do line dancing with a line dance club in Gainesville, Georgia and has participated in line exhibitions throughout the Southeast.  She began Square and Round Dancing in 2000.  She has choreographed and taught line dance classes, included the Nationals in Charlotte, San Antonio and Witchita.  She has also choreographed several Round Dances and taught rounds and social partner dancing.

Michael McDonald began ballroom dancing in 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia.  He began to Square and Round dance in 1996.  After he and Debbie began round dancing they began cueing and teaching rounds in 2004.

On December 30th, 2000, Mike met Debbie at a Square Dance in Toccoa, Georgia and asked her to dance.  According to Mike, after a couple of tips he said, "Let me know when you get tired of dancing".  Apparently she hasn't yet.

We cue for 6 square dance clubs in Georgia and the Carolinas as well and hold a monthly round dance.  We also have round dance classes in Georgia and South Carolina.  We are members of Roundalab, the Georgia Dance Teachers Association and the South Carolina Callers Association.

We emphasize the importance of partner connection (leading and following) and having good basic dancing skills as the foundation of all social dancing enjoyment.