Two Steps for Beginning Dancers
If you practice these dances in the same order as they are shown, you should substantially improve your dancing
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San Francisco MixerHolemanBox, Fwd 2 Steps, back away 3, run tog 3, twirl/vine, Reverse Twirlvine,
 Side two steps Left & Right, Twirl 2
Slowpoke IIParrottCut Back, Rock Back, Recover to Face
Miss Frenchy BrownTetzlaffSide Close, Side & Thru, Hitch 6, Strut 4, TOG 3 & Lift Turn
When I take My Sugar to TeaDelsonLimp, Walk & Face, Lace Up
Little White MoonWilderHitch 6, Hitch Apart, Scissors Thru, Fwd Lock (2X), Circle Away & TOG
The Party's OverWinterTurning Two Step, Reverse Box
Lakewood StrollUnknownCircle walk, Slow side touches
Baby O'MineFiyalkoVine Apart & TOG,  Open Vine, Vine 4,  Walk & Pick Up, Progressive Scissors
Sleepy Time GalPooleWheel 1/2, Lace Across (use trail hand)
Lovers SongRoundersWheel 6, Canter
Jingle Bell RockWildersHalf Box, fwd hitch, hitch & sciss BJO,
Chattanooga Shoe Shine BoyTracyBack Hitch, Vine 8
Traveling ManBrownWrap, Unwrap, Change Sides
Moon EyesWinterFace to Face, Back to Back, Rock Fwd & Rewc, Rock Baack & Rec